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The Moonshot Moment Goal is to have 90% of all students reading on
grade-level by third grade.

We are working with community leaders to develop programs to support this goal, and together we can transform the next generation of Indian River County. We know that literacy is the gateway and together we can be a model for the nation.

What is a Moonshot Community? Reading Milestones

2019 MCAN Scorecard

Moonshot is working!

Our County's 3rd grade reading has
improved and is outperforming the
state average.  

Our Moonshot Community Action Network
is focused on SIX BOLD IDEAS to move 
our collective impact work forward in service
of the Moonshot Moment Literacy Movement.
Click here for the MCAN schedule.


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Are you looking for free books?  Our Moonshot
Community values literacy, and we are working
to ensure everyone has access to age-appropriate
reading material!

Visit the online map to find a Free Little Library or
an indoor Moonshot Book Box near you.